Our Services

We are one of the best in the world in manufacturing 17th, 18th and 19th Century crystal chandeliers,
wall lights, candelabras and replacing parts such as:

Pans and Nozzles

S, Kick and Twisted Arms

Top - Bottom Canopies

Stem Pieces

Icicles, Alberts, Round, Oval and Pear shaped buttons (thousands in stock)

Candle Holders

Dish Lights

WMF Liners

Blue and Clear Liners

Epergne Dishes

Claret Jugs

Cruet and Scent Bottles

Decanters and Stoppers


Glass Shades

English - Irish - Continental Mirrors Restoration and Reproduction

Chandelier Restoration

Cleaning and Rewiring

Removing chips from all kinds of glass

Fitting new stem or base pieces to broken champagne, wine, sherry glasses and vases using hi-tech glue

Please get in touch via email or telephone if you require any further assistance regarding any of
the services listed above.